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Lecture 2
Andrew Ministry 1 (John 1:40-41)


About Andrew

-  He Was the Fisherman and The Call to be “Fisher of Man”
-  He Was the First Apostle among the 12 Apostles
-  He Was Quick In Responses
-  He was Close to Jesus, and His Power Encounter
-  He Was Given The Authority Together With Other Apostles
-  He Was Curious and Dare To Ask
-  He Was Chosen By The Lord Jesus
-  He Was Quick To Identify What People Have


Assignment:  Find the Scriptures that mentioned about Andrew


Highlights of Andrew Ministry

-  Accessing People To the Lord Jesus
-  Connecting People
-  Providing Information
-  Recognizing the Needs
-  Giving Solutions
-  Relating to People


The Relationship Between Vision 20% & Andrew Ministry
The Call for Andrew Minister


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