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20% of Christian Population in Vietnam With 20 Million Believers in 20 Years 


1. Connect 100 Churches In Each Area to Pray for Unity, Revival and Missions

    (10,000 Churches Connected)

2. Support 10 Local Church Planters for Each Area (1000 Church Planters Supported)
3. Build 1 House of Prayer for Unity, Revival and Missions in Each Area (100 Houses of Prayer Built)

4. Prepare 30 Intercessors for Every House of Prayer (3000 Intercessors Pray 24/7)
5. Send Out 2 Cross-Cultural Workers from Each Area (200 Cross Cultural Workers Sent)

6. Provide 30 Leaders from Each Area to Attend Annual Missions and Revival Conference

    (3000 Leaders Annually)

7. Build Up 1 Mission Mobilization & Evangelistic Team for Each Area (100 Missions Team)

8. Develop 5 Prayer Facebook Groups in Each Area With 500 Members for Each Group

    (250,000 Friends Connected to Pray)

9. Mobilize Missions to Every Age Group and Every Church Department

10. Provide and Support 1 Church Planter from Each Church

Be Ready For A Great Harvest of Souls. This is Happening Now. Amen

The Vision and Strategies Explained:

The many successful stories of mega franchising stores have always been stirring up in my mind a curiosity of their keys of success and a question of possibility for church growth through good planning and goal orientation. If the two brothers of KFC can open more than 200,000 stores all over the world in 63 years since 1954, can’t i not plant more than 200,000 churches with a shorter period of time? The good thing for me is that we don’t have just 2 or 3 person, but we have many and most importantly we have our Almighty God who is with us in all of our attempts. So why not?

If Moses could take the Israelites across the Red Sea in an unbelievable and miraculous way, Joshua could take the wall of Jericho down by God’s command and obedience, Solomon could successfully dedicate the Temple with great planning and preparation, , Elijah could survive well the famine and the drought by God’s providence and power, Nehemiah could finish the “Great Wall" with powerful allocations of resources and responsibility, won’t God use you and I to boldly and confidently trust Him for the 20% percent of Vietnam population, 20,000 million souls in 20 years or even less? They all trusted God for their accomplishments and so do we.

Modern histories of revivals such as Azusa street revival, Korean revival, China revival, Africa revival, Indonesia revival, and the likes have brought hundreds of millions souls into the Kingdom of God, will 20 million souls for Vietnam is such a so big question for us to ask God? Just as the Apostle said and agree with him in this, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) and Romans 8:28 that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes.

And I know that i am not alone in this vision because many forefathers of faith have laid strong foundations for us to move forward, and I also have you and hundred thousands of believers around the globe who believe in this vision and are willing to take action to see the vision to come to pass. Moses must confront Pharaoh and his fear before the Israelites were allowed to go out of Egypt, Queen Esther must deal with her fear and unwillingness to go and see the king before everything could be changed, the Apostle Paul must travel and worked tirelessly to see churches planted everywhere he went, we must play our parts and pay the prices as well before we can see the revivals to take place and the 20 millions souls come to Christ


So will you?


The question is HOW? My experiences in China with the planting of hundreds of churches within a decade by His grace and power will tell me that it is possible for us to accomplish the following goals in Vietnam. Just imagine that more than 140 million souls come to God in China within 3 decades in the midst of severe persecution, i am more than confident that this will also happen to Vietnam when the foundations are strongly and wisely laid.

1) Unite 100 Churches in Each Area: 10,000 Churches Connected

This means that a total of 10,000 Churches are to be connected to pray for the revival of Vietnam and to take part in local and cross-cultural missions. At the present many areas in Vietnam do not have so many churches yet, we will get their soon in a decade or so.

If each church has an average of 30 believers, then this means that there are 300 thousands believers would at least know about and share this vision and pray for the revival of Vietnam.

If each of these believers would share the Gospel to 100 friends in the next 20 years as the pastor or leaders encourage them to do so on a monthly basis (a ratio of sharing the Gospel to 5 person a year at the minimal without the multiplication ratio). This means that at least  30 millions of people in Vietnam would hear the Gospels by 2037.

2) Support 20 Local Church Planters for Each Area: 2000 Church Planters Supported

When 1000 local church planters are to be supported at the first phase of this vision, can you imagine the impacts and the fruits they would make? They form a powerful team to unite churches and believers in praying for the revival of individuals and churches of Vietnam. They also form a powerful prayer team across the areas of the land through houses of prayers and prayer warriors. They also form a powerful mission team to reach out million souls. They form a powerful training team to train hundred thousands of believers and leaders for missions. They also form a powerful example to encourage other leaders, pastors, and believers to reach out the lost in any possible way.

If in every 2 year a church planter can plant 1 church, then each church planter can plant 5 churches in one area. In our experience in China, 1 church planter can even plan a church within a year. 2 year-period would give enough ample time for a church planter to plant a church and nurture a new leader to take care of the church before he or she moves on to pioneer the new churches. Things often go smoother after the first church is planted because the first church will serve as the springboard to start the remaining churches in the same region or area.

This also means that 5000 churches would be planted in 100 areas by 2030 or so if we can start the work this year of 2017. The number of churches planted may be double by 2037. Just ask ourselves If 2000 church planters are being supported then 10,000 churches would be planted by 2030 or 20,000 churches by 2037.

If there are 30 members in each church then this mean that there are 300,000 believers are won over 2 decades with 1000 church planters supported. If each believer shares the Gospel to 100 friends at the ratio mentioned above, then they would share the Gospels to 30 millions people by 2037. This means that 60 millions of people in Vietnam would hear the Gospel by 2037, more than half of the population of Vietnam is now heard of the Gospel. Will it make bigger differences when 2000 church planters are to be supported? You know the answer.

According to the experiences of Insurance company, if an insurance worker calls 100 customers, there would be likely 12 customers would agree to sign the contract, this makes a ratio of 12 percent success. This will also tells us that by 2037 almost every individual in Vietnam would at least hear the Gospel one time or even more.

Our Requirements for Church Planters:
a) Church Planter Must Meet Monthly For Report
b) Church Planter Must Share The Gospel to 3-4 Person Per Day
c) Church Planter Must Connect 100 Churches in His or Her Area
d) Church Planter Must Initiate The Operation of House of Prayer
e) Church Planter Form A Mission Supporting Group
f)  Church Planter Must Plant 1 Church in Every Two Years
g) Church Planter Must Develop 5 Facebook Groups
h) Church Planter Must Come For 1 Week Training in Every Three Month
i) Church Planter Must Organize A Monthly Evangelistic Meeting 
j) Church Planter Must Recruit Potential Local Church Planter or Missionary
k) Church Planter Must Open A House of Prayer At His or Her Church

Can a business store reach out to the needs of the customers without staffs and workers? So can this vision be accomplished without manpower and supports? Yes we know the answer.

3)  Build 1 House of Prayer for Unity, Revival and Mission: 100 Houses of Prayer Established

Every revival always begins with prayer and actions. The revival of the early church in the Book of Acts began with the experiences of the apostles and disciples at the Upper Room and then their acts of evangelism at the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The great upcoming revival in Vietnam cannot come without fervent prayers, our actions and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Thus Houses of Prayer are the place to launch out the upcoming great revival in Vietnam

House of Prayer is the meeting point for churches and believers to come together in unity and to minister to people in power. It is said that a life without prayer is a life without power. This explains the barrenness of many pastors and believers in their evangelistic efforts due to lack of prayers. Thus, It is the responsibility of every church planter to live in prayer and to establish at least 1 house of prayer in their area. 

4) 30 Prayer Warriors for Every House of Prayer: 3000 Prayer Warriors Trained & Intercede

In order to establish a house of prayer to pray for 24 hours a day, to lead praise and worship and prayer, and to pray for the needs of people who come for prayer, it is impossible that one person can do well this ministry, so the church planters also identify who have burden in prayer and then train them to serve at the House of Prayer.

Ia 1 prayer warrior can train 100 students (the minimal ratio) for unity, revival and mission in 20 years, we are going to have at least 300,000 prayer warriors to pray for Vietnam and the nations.Just imagine how many houses of prayers are to be established and how many million lives of the people are to be prayed for healing, restoration, anointing, deliverance…?  We are now organizing Vietnam Days of Prayer to pray for Vietnam, the unity of the churches, the revivals and missions and to train believers to pray.

5) Each City Will Provide 2 Cross-Cultural Missionaries: 200 Cross-Cultural Missionaries Sent

The workload would be much lighter when each area provides 2 missionary candidate to be sent to the nations of the world. Church planters in each area can volunteer themselves to be missionary candidates or they can recommend others to come for the missionary training before being sent abroad to first reach out the Vietnamese oversea then local people later on. 

The potential missionaries are the living examples to challenges local churches and believers for missions. Their lives, stories and experiences often brings encouragement to the audiences and challenging the audiences to either give their lives or available resources to bless missions.

If in every 2 years one area can support 1 missionary, this will ass up 10 missionaries to be sent from 1 area in 20 years, so there would be 1000 missionaries to be sent from Vietnam. Once again, can we just measure the impacts of their ministries and the thousands of churches would be planted by them in many nations.


6) 30 Leaders and Pastors From Each Area Will Attend Annual Missions and Revival Conference: 3000 Leaders or Pastors


Attend Mission Conference Annually

It is important that leaders and pastors of churches to be revived and to be passion for missions and mission sending, thus it is important that they might come to attend our annual missions and revival conference. At the conference leaders and pastors can also come together to discuss about missions and how to partner to see the dreams or vision to come to pass


7) Build Up 1 Mission Mobilization Team for Each City: 100 Mission Mobilization Teams Formed

This is a combined effort of the local churches in each area to form a mission mobilization team. The main tasks of this team are to encourage churches and believers for evangelism, missions. The team also organizes evangelistic meeting, revival meeting, healing night, praise and worship to minister to the needs of the local churches and to challenge them to take actions for missions. The local evangelistic may assist the local churches to organize monthly evangelistic events. 

The team also train the locals about missions and strategies of missions so the local churches may apply into their various settings. On an average, a team may have 15 members, this adds up a total of 1500 coworkers in Mission Mobilization Teams.

According to one of our evangelistic and mission mobilization team in one province, their team was able to reach out to more than 10,000 people and more than 3000 new converts in 2016 alone. Can you just imagine what will happen when the 100 teams in Vietnam are actively in reaching out the local people in their respective 100 areas? Some may say this is risky. Yes, there is no pain no gain and our teams have to face with constant persecutions yet God is our Deliverer and our Protector in due time. So fear not.

8) Media and Facebook Groups: 

In order for us to cast out the vision to church leaders, pastors, prayer warriors or believers in every walk of life, media is a powerful tool for us to do so besides the manpower we have such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Newspapers, Websites…..

Each church planter is required to develop 5 Facebook group for his or her area and each Facebook group is about 300 people. This adds up a total of 5000 Facebook groups and 1,500,000 believers in the Facebook groups. This is a powerful platform to connect believers and to cast our vision to believers in every city in Vietnam and abroad.

It is not difficult for each church planter to form 5 Facebook groups and they can also pastor and train the people in the group. They can also ask people in the groups to pray for Vietnam and missions. They can also send out training materials, mission resources and the likes to keep people updated about missions and to prepare them for future missions. People in Facebook groups are powerful mobilizers, recruiters and advertisers for the vision and our conferences

Of course media is also a good tool to reach out to non-believers through stories, video, comedies, films and these materials are going to be provided by our media teams who are working on to write testimonies, record church programs, make videos or films. will carry out these tasks.

9) Mobilize Missions To Every Age Group and Every Church Department

To create a national awareness of missions, to cast out the vision the everyone, and to promote a great revival nationwide, it is important that we need every church department and age group to share missions to the group that they are ministering to and to encourage the related age group or department to get involved in missions.

10) Provide and Support 1 Church Planter from Each Church

If every church supports 1 church planter we can imagine how many new churches will be planted, how many souls will be saved, and how many communities are to be preached.

11) Training: The Countless Number of Mission Workers

In order to provide staff and workers for franchising business stores, companies and organizations have their own schools to train millions of workers to meet the needs of their expansion and operation worldwide.

Bible School Training and Mission Training play important role in training qualified candidates to carry out the vision and tasks of soul winning and church edification. At Agape International Seminary in Sai Gon City, theological and mission training are available since 2009. You are welcome to partner with Agape International Seminary in training and equipping kingdom workers.

Besides the regular Bible Training for Bachelor and Master degree programs, church planters are required to attend Quarterly Mission Training so that they can be updated with the current situations and learn from one another about church planting and pastoring the local churches.

12) Missions and Revival Conferences

The annual Missions and Revival Conferences are organized annually to cast out the vision and to bring leaders and believers to come together for unity, revival and missions. There are 3 major events that help to accomplish this purposes. The first one is Asia Missions and Revival Conference in Bangkok from April 18-25. The second one is Send Out Summit: The International Missions and Revival Conference in Hong Kong from July 18-24. The third one is in Vietnam in November, planning to do an open air crusade at night and Missions and and Revival Conference during the day time for leaders, this needs to be confirmed later as we are still waiting for the approval of the government. So kindly inform your networks so that they can come and join the first event in Bangkok, and the second event in Hongkong and discuss more about the upcoming plans and actions to see the vision realized.

Another major important International Missions and Revival Conference will be organized in Los Angles from August 30 to September 2, 2018. Please mark your date and make plan so that you and your networks will come for this powerful event. This is also one of the rare event that Vietnamese Churches organize an International Missions and Revival Conference to bring Vietnamese leaders, pastors, and believers as well pastors and leaders of the nations to come together at this special conference. 

The conference aims at bringing churches together in unity and making strategies to reach out the unreached groups. The conference is also an important time of refreshing and revival. It is also the time for leaders and mission workers to seek strength and wisdom from the Lord for the days ahead in the mission fields. The conference is also an effective to cast the vision to conference participants and viewers all over the world through lifestreams and recorded programs.

Detail information about the conferences will be provided in a separate email.


When a business store is open, there must be a required capital investment, selected location, and trained man-power. To carry out the above plan, it is impossible without capital investment and man-power. 

We have identified 100 locations in Vietnam and the potential 1000 church planters, 100 houses of prayers, 1000 missionaries to turn Vietnam up-side-down for the Gospel in just 20 years. Man-powers should not be an issue, the issue is finances. So what have we done so far to get the finances needed to carry out this plan.

If possible we need 1000 churches to adopt 1000 church planters and each church planter needs the support of 100-150 USD monthly for a period of three years. There are churches that can support even 5 to 10 church planters like this monthly, yet just begin with any number of church planters that you feel comfortable with. The followings could be one of your approaches to raise funds to support church planters.

a) General Offering: financial supports for church planters can be taken from your monthly general offering
b) Designated Mission Offering: financial supports can be taken from special offering for church planters
c) Mission Supporting Group by Believers: financial supports can be taken from supporting group or cell groups
d) Mission Supporting Group by Church Planters: financial supports can be taken from the supporting group of each church planter
e) Mission Offering at Conferences: financial supports for church planters can be taken from special offerings at your conferences
f) Tax Exemption: your companies or organizations can support finances to church planters through tax exemption 
g) Others


You can support us by praying for us
You can support us by connecting us to churches and networks
You can support us by forming Facebook Groups
You can support us by forming Mission Supporting Group
You can support us by joining media teams
You can support us by volunteering yourself to do administrative works
You can support us by becoming our national coordinators in your country


It is important that our leaders are supportive and blessing the vision as well as giving countless spiritual guidances and advise to see this vision to be realized. I thank God for the opportunities to share the vision to godly men and women of God about this vision and I am so blessed that they are willing to be part of this vision and to be our Advisory Board Members. They are giving us the moral and spiritual supports and provide us the connections and networks needed for partnership and cooperation. 

The Advisory Board Members is comprised of godly servants from across denominations as a symbol of unity. The number of the Board Members will continue to increase when more godly servants of God are willing to join the Advisory Board and to bless the vision. Thank God for the following Pastors and Leaders who are willing to become the Advisory Board Members for this vision. 

The List is according to alphabetical order:

Rev. Dr. Nguyen Huu Cuong
Rev. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Duc
Rev. Dr. Truong Van Hoang
Rev. Dr. Duong Van Huu
Rev.      Bui Thang Se
Rev.      Nguyen Hung Vuong


When we throw a stone into the water, the water cannot be still any longer but it causes the motions and the movements. The bigger the stone we throw into the water, the bigger the movement of water created. With the impact of the things that we are about to do, other churches in Vietnam will not only just look at what we are doing.

They will also take action and they also receive the blessings of what we are doing. When their churches are also active in prayers and missions, it is logically that Vietnam and Vietnamese Churches will be no longer the same by 2037.

Can you just imagine that with just the support of 1000 church planters to carry out this vision and plan, how big is the impact and the fruit of this vision. Let ask ourselves if 2000 church planters are supported, then what will happen to Vietnam?

Are you willing to plant the seed for this movement? Will you be willing to stand together with us to create the Ripple Effect of Unity, Revival and Missions by His Grace and Power?

Just adopt 1 or 2 of our church planters, you are now creating Strong Ripple Effect together. In fact, we are now writing a new chapter of Church History in Vietnam and mission history of Vietnamese churches in Vietnam and nations.

As the Bible teaches us that “five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword (Leviticus 26:8)".

Would that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would discern their future. How could one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight unless their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had given them up? Indeed their rock is not like our Rock, even our enemies themselves judge this (Deuteronomy 32:29-31). God’s Word is so clear that we are strong when we are together and we need to understand and discern our winning future because Our Rock has given us the 100 millions Vietnamese in the next 20 years and even our enemies know this and they just accept it. How about you? Do you understand and discern this? I do and many of us do.

If You Believe This. Say Amen and Send Your Financial Supports of One or More Church Planters to Our Representative Offices!!!

Kindly share your input, suggestions and advise on the above matters so we can be more effective in working together and carrying out the plan of 20%. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Standing Together
Rev. Dr. Joshua Duong

For More Information, you may contact our U.S office:
Address: P.O Box 14 Woodstock, GA 30188 0014 
Tel. (404) 965 0519

Facebook: Joshua Duong (

What Apps: +8615221661120

Please Our Offices and Representatives for Financial Supports:
America: Tax Exemption Is Available
Australia: Tax Exemption Will Soon Be Available
China (Mainland): No Tax Exemption
China (Hong Kong): Tax Exemption Is Available

Lecture 1
Andrew & Elijah Ministry - I Peter 4:11

First Lecture: Vision and Overview of Andrew and Elijah Ministry
Scriptures: Habakkuk 2:1-3 and Genesis 37

- Empower Believers For Kingdom Services
- Mobilize Churches for Unity, Revival and Missions
- Carry Out the Goals and Visions of 20%


- Partnering with Churches for Mission Works
- Networking Ministry Teams for Evangelistic Endeavors and Conferences
- Assisting Churches for the Increase of 20% of Church Attendance
- Preparing 300 Facilitators of Andrew and Elijah Ministry 

7 Courses:
- Vision and Overview of Andrew and Elijah Ministry (Habakkuk 2:1-3 and Genesis 37)
- Andrew Ministry 1 (John 1:40-41)
- Andrew Ministry 2: The Master Plan of Evangelism (Mark)
- Evangelistic Action Plan (I Peter 4, I Kings 6-8, Nehemiah)
- Elijah Ministry 1 (I Kings 17)
- Elijah Ministry 2 (Luke 9:1-6)
- Boaz Ministry (Ruth)
- Philip & Stephen Ministry 1 (Acts 6, 8, 21)
- Philip and Stephen Ministry 2


7 Requirements:
- Be Willing To Learn
- Be Willing To Apply 
- Be Willing To Serve
- Be Willing To Submit To The Leadership
- Be Willing To Work As A Team
- Be Willing To Do Outreach 
- Be Willing To Train Others


Upon Your Completion of the Training:
- You Will Be Commissioned 
- You Will Need To Serve 3-6 Months
- You May Choose to Move to the Coach Level


Important Elements of Andrew & Elijah Ministry

1. Pastoral Supports:

To mobilize believers and churches for missions, the supports of pastors and leaders are crucial. We need to train and show good example to believers and ministry team leaders and members about our Evangelistic endeavors

Before, during and after the training of Andrew and Elijah Ministry takes place at an area, we need pastors to preach a series of sermons on missions and challenge believers for  missions and recruit them for the training so the believers are more ready for the training and the upcoming Evangelistic events.

2. Connection and Partnership of Churches:

The strength of Andrew and Elijah Ministry is to mobilize believers, churches for missions 

It is also developing inter-church ministry teams or church departments for monthly inter-church and evangelistic events, conferences, 

The main goal of Andrew and Elijah Ministry is to assist partnered churches to increase 20% or more of church attendance in the next 2-3 years and then to engage in the vision of 20%

This requires the supports and partnership of churches to carry out these events on regular basis 

For this reason, it is important to have ministry team leaders and members of the following teams to be involved in the training

3. Ministry Teams Needed:

  • Business and Professional People

  • Charity if we also do charity

  • Choir if possible 

  • Dance and Drama

  • Discipleship Team

  • Evangelistic Team

  • Follow Up Team

  • Foods and Beverages

  • Media

  • Praise and Worship

  • Prayer

  • Reception 

  • Sunday Schools

  • Youth


We need most of all these  teams when we have the Evangelistic events, thus the involvement of many churches are so important because it is hardly that we can develop all of these teams in one church alone.

Of course we do always have all of these teams immediately but the teams will be formed and growth as we move forward with the training and Evangelistic purposes.


4. Practical Events: 

Practices and regular Evangelistic events are vital part of Andrew and Elijah Ministry. These are the monthly inter-church events that we are aiming to come up with Monthly Prayer, Worship and Healing
Monthly Evangelistic Event Monthly Barbecue and Sport Fellowship.

Through out this training, the emphasis will also be on prayers for healing, deliverance, revival, reconciliation, transformation, anointing and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


5. Blessed as We Are Blessed:

This ministry is also engaging churches into the Vision of 20% Vietnamese to come to know Jesus either in Vietnam or abroad. We first ask every participated churches to support at least 1 church planter in Vietnam with an amount of 100 USD monthly so they can carry out the mission works and the vision of 20%.

See you this Tuesday again at 7:30pm for this training. Please encourage one another to come so that we can together help the partner church to increase 20% of their church attendant in the next 2-3years. That is why you are important and needed in this ministry. 

Registration and Contact Info:

Rev. Dr. Joshua Duong
Tel. #: 714-717-5663

For Donations, Please Send Your Check to:
Global Missions Vision or The Vision of 20%:

The Vision of 20%

  • 20% of Vietnam Population  Will Be Christians

  • 20 Millions Believers In Vietnam

  • 2000 Church Planters To Be Supported

  • 2000 Houses of Prayers To Be Built

  • 200   Missionaries To Be Sent To The Nations

  • 100   Inter-Denomination Houses of Prayer

  • 100   Evangelistic Teams To Be Developed

1. Kết nối 100 hội thánh trong mỗi khu vực để cầu nguyện cho sự hiệp một, sự phấn hưng và truyền giáo (10,000 hội thánh được kết nối)

2. Hỗ trợ 20 nhân sự phát triển hội thánh địa phương cho mỗi khu vực (2000 nhân sự phát triển hội thánh được hỗ trợ)

3. Xây dựng một nhà cầu nguyện cho sự hiệp một, khải tượng và truyền giáo trong mỗi khu vực (Xây dựng 100 nhà cầu nguyện)

4. Chuẩn bị 30 chiến sĩ cầu thay cho mỗi nhà cầu nguyện (3000 chiến sĩ cầu nguyện 24/7)
5. Sai phái 2 giáo sĩ truyền giáo xuyên văn hóa từ mỗi khu vực (200 giáo sĩ xuyên văn hóa được sai phái)

6. Cung ứng 30 lãnh đạo từ mỗi khu vực để tham dự Hội Nghị Truyền Giáo và Phấn Hưng hàng năm (3000 lãnh đạo tham dự hàng năm)

7. Xây dựng một đội ngũ truyền giáo và vận động truyền giáo cho mỗi khu vực (100 đội truyền giáo)

8. Phát triển 5 nhóm Facebook cầu nguyện trong mỗi khu vực với 500 thành viên cho mỗi nhóm (250,000 thành viên được kết nối để cầu nguyện)

9. Vận động truyền giáo cho mỗi nhóm tuổi và cho mỗi ban ngành hội thánh

10. Cung ứng và tài trợ 1 nhân sự phát triển hội thánh từ mỗi hội thánh

Lecture 2

Andrew Ministry 1 (John 1:40-41)

Sẵn sàng cho mùa gặt linh hồn. Điều này đang xảy ra bây giờ 


About Andrew
- He Was the Fisherman and The Call to be “Fisher of Man”
- He Was the First Apostle among the 12 Apostles
- He Was Quick In Responses
- He was Close to Jesus, and His Power Encounter
- He Was Given The Authority Together With Other Apostles
- He Was Curious and Dare To Ask
- He Was Chosen By The Lord Jesus
- He Was Quick To Identify What People Have

Assignment: Find the Scriptures that mentioned about Andrew

Highlights of Andrew Ministry
- Accessing People To the Lord Jesus
- Connecting People
- Providing Information
- Recognizing the Needs
- Giving Solutions
- Relating to People


The Relationship Between Vision 20% & Andrew Ministry
The Call for Andrew Minister



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