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D. Program Coordinators/Operational Teams:


Agape International Seminary:    Ms. Hieu
Charity and Mission:        
Church Planting & Training          Ms. David Khiem
Fund Raising:                              Thu Dong, Vicky Ngo
Email List and Bulletin:                Samuel Vinh
Intercessory:                               (All Nations Houses of Prayer)
Interpretation:                              Hoang Dung
M.C. & Facilitation:                     Joshua Duong
Media Coordinator:                     Christine Nguyen (Websites, Youtube, Videos)
News & Vision TV:         
Prayer Team:                               Le Hien
Supporting Team:                        Nguyet Tran, Vicky Ngo, 
Technical Team:                           Vinh Truong, 
Treasurer:                                     Henry Tran
Worship Team:                             Hieu

For Program Coordinators:
Kindly be punctual for the event
Kindly share information to the group and members
Encourage members to share information and invite friends to join the event
Kindly follow-up with the process of the ministries or tasks
Do the best of your ministries or tasks.


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